Fibre Optic Communication Structured


Specialist in Communications and Networking Solutions

From installing fibre optic cable to setting up networks and testing existing technology, RTEC Security FibreOptic Solutions has a successful background in data communications ranging from small networks to major government infrastructure projects.

RTEC Security Fibre Optics Solutions is a rapidly growing company in the communication technology industry, the Newcastle based business, which began in 2012, has significantly expanded its operations and is now a “one-stop-shop” for a variety of professionally delivered information technology solutions.

Amongst its clients are some of the major telecommunications contractors and carriers in Kurdistan and Iraq. These clients depend on our Fibre Optics Solutions ability to deliver promptly and expertly to connect their business to the world.


Secure wired and wireless network


Eligible for the network systems technology

The way we access our information is rapidly changing. Remember dial-up internet? Since then, the web and our methods of staying connected have completely changed. The latest trends in connectivity cut all ties, both literal and figurative, with the wired web of the past. Just because something is new and popular, doesn’t mean it’s implementing best practices and is optimized for network security. So, we know the best option for your requirement! Office up for data or transfer your network to wireless. Let’s us dive into the pros and cons of wired vs. wireless connectivity.

Ultimate Radio Communication Solutions


Bespoke solutions which meet both their current and future communications needs.

Budget and procurement procedures often mean that organisations hold stocks of equipment that cannot communicate throughout the organisation. RTEC has technicians and programmers have considerable experience in validating networks and helping budget holders plan for future purchases in the most efficient way.

We can provide this service to Army, Police, Airport, Municipal or other Departments who may wish to uplift their IT or radio networks, also provide VHF, UHF and hand held radios for army, police and civil use.